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He believed that “peace begins within each person when we have our basic needs met.” In 2002, he shared with the world a blueprint on how to move forward in life, by achieving personal peace that can eventually become big enough to be world peace.

The philosophy by which he lived by was “ Remember to play after the storm!

When we think of people that inspire us we usually think of great men like president John F. Both men are titans of their generation and became an inspiration to people all over the world.

Inspiration comes in all shapes and sizes and it comes from people that do wonderful things in spite of the limitations on their physical ability.

The toxicity of false humility and disregarding our hopes, wants, and desires as something God automatically doesn’t want for us is dangerous because we take God out of the equation.

Those wants don’t go away, and instead of becoming detached from them we hold onto them more ardently and believe we must make them happen because God won’t.

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Instead, it is taking what we want and saying, “I think this will make me happy, but you know me and know what is best” (Psalm 139:1).His “Heartsongs” are “gifts that reflect each person’s unique reason for being.” He published six collections of his poetry and all of them became New York Times Bestsellers and began inspiring people’s lives and touching them in ways they never imagined.All of this source of love for life and inspiration for living comes from a boy that lived most of his young life going in and out of hospitals due to his condition.It is a disorder that causes muscle weakness and interrupts the autonomic functions of the body like breathing, digestion, heart rate and oxygen processing. In order to function, Mattie needed the use of a wheelchair, ventilator, medicines and treatment in Pediatric Intensive Care Units.Mattie’s mom, Jenni was unaware that she carried the gene. Mattie attended school until he was 8 when he began homeschooling as the disease no longer made it practical for him to handle academics.

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