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With the dawn of the 20th century, under the guidance of Miss Sansom, who served for 19 years, Kandy High School became one of the leading educational instructions in Ceylon.

In 2009, The Astronomical Society took the next step in the long journey towards the invisible by organizing the second Astronomical Night, "The Transition from the Invisible". It was held successfully with the participation of 14 schools. LABROOY challenge trophy was won by Dharmaraja College.Which was another achievement made by ladies of High school through many obstacles. The Chief guests were Dr Chandana Jayarathne and Dr. In 2010 the Astronomically Society organized the third step of the journey towards the invisible.The third Astronomical Night organized by the society, "In Quest for Visibility" was held successfully.Since its official launch in 1997, The Astronomical Society has successfully contributed to many events, and has rendered many great endeavors not only to the School, but also to the whole nation, making the field of Astronomy more & more popular in Sri Lanka. Through this camp the students could improve their knowledge in Astronomy and develop their observation skills .Thus from its inception Girls' High School, The Astronomical society has become one of the few leading Astronomical societies in Sri Lanka. Because the society organized a night camp called "Astro Eve 2001" for the first time in a Girls' school in Sri Lanka, with all island participation. In 2003 participated in the High School walk organized by the S. Also in 2005 the society conducted a successful stall in the educational exhibition " Elysium 2005" which was organized by the school.

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