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It is a place that is “always becoming.” This bend of the Buffalo River — where Silo City is seated — was part of the historic Buffalo Creek Reservation, and home to regional indigenous populations for centuries prior to its use for grain storage and milling.We acknowledge the deep history of this land, we give thanks for our current stewardship, and we welcome “Silo City, once at the heart of the commerce that made the region wealthy, now developing an international reputation for its re-invention as a canvas for artists, musicians, theater and film producers—for anyone, in fact, with innovative ideas.” “The space reminded me, with its rusted elevators and shafts, that one can find familiarity, even comfort, in making something new, with others, out of what was once discarded — which is art at its most indispensable.” “I couldn’t believe how many people crossed the overgrown railroad tracks to stream into the belly of the silo for an evening where poetry, music, and installation art came together to make something else entirely.Soils are enlivened with compost produced on site, made with 110 tons of food waste diverted from landfills each year.

Come visit DUENDE Bar & Restaurant — Our new on-site bar built entirely from reclaimed materials by Master Carpenter Robert Sturm.Buffalo has something truly special–enviable–in the Silo City Reading Series.” Bring your next film production to Silo City to creative movie magic amidst six different historic buildings, and take advantage of our many amenities including a full service bar/restaurant, electricity and ample parking.We’ve had some massive film shoots down here, and we’d love to hear about your project.Featuring a mouth-watering menu by Doug Peck and a live music calendar curated by Kev Cain from Silo Sessions.Greetings New Members, This meetup group is ideally suited for professional and mature adults, ages 40 plus.

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