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At some point Coney Island Hot Weiners became known as Coney Island System, and around 1934 was taken over by Theodore's son, James.James ran the business for a remarkable fifty years before retiring in 1984.If that's the case, just enjoy a couple of Sparky's weiners and a coffee milk and throw a few quarters into the aging Ms. Sparky made a point of telling us that his restaurant still uses weiners made from thirty-foot uncut lengths purchased from Little Rhody in Johnston, a difference that he feels distinguishes authentic old-guard hot weenie places from the relatively new upstarts.On a July 2009 visit to Coney Island System we noticed a new item on the menu—"Air Dogs." Do they fly, you might ask?(Perhaps it is merely a coincidence that this address is right next door to Olneyville New York System, founded in 1947).In 1929 and '30 Kanelos apparently dabbled in "real estate" but by 1931 he was back to the restaurant business, and this time the familiar name of Coney Island Hot Weiners appears for the first time. But this wasn't the first local business with such a name.SPARKY APPERANCE REQUESTS Thank you for your interest in having Sparky appear at your event.SDA strongly believes in the need to give back to and support the efforts of local and other Arizona communities.

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An establishment date of 1915 puts them way ahead of the other self-professed contender for the title, Original New York System of Providence. We've so far been unable to find any proof that Sparky's really is the older of the two. Here's the deal: Coney Island System was founded by a Greek immigrant named Theodore G. Kanelos first appeared in Providence City Directories in 1907, but his occupation was listed as "confectioner," or candy maker.For that reason, SDA seeks to accommodate requests for Sparky to make appearances at events.Further, SDA seeks to balance its support of such events against the professional and personal needs of its staff members as well as SDA’s requirements under NCAA, Pac-12 and Arizona State University rules and regulations.As you might have already read, the restaurant will be opening back up sometime in October under new ownership and a new name.Dave Kay was a regular customer of ours and we wish him well opening up as East Providence Weiners.

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