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In an online study of nearly 600 married and cohabitating couples in which the female partner was less than 45 years old, Sassler and colleagues examined measures of relationship quality, sexual satisfaction, communication, and conflict.

Respondents indicated relationship tempo by saying how long the couple waited, after they started dating, to have sex.

As with all things in life, honesty is the best policy, even if it's really scary.

It will feel like a huge weight off your shoulders, especially when it comes to how to take things slow in a relationship."If you're the kind of person who's comfortable speaking your mind, you may want to tell your partner that your reason for slowing the pace is due to the fact that you like them," Winter says.

If you need to slow your relationship down, slow it down.

The right person will be happy to get to know you at any pace you need.

The “cohabitation effect,” as it’s called, occurs because many people who live together before getting engaged slide into marriage through a process of inertia.

And you're the one who has command of yourself, your actions, and your emotions," Winter concludes.

"Don't be afraid to use all the skills you have to work for your romantic advantage."It's empowering to remember that the ball is in your court, and you have all the power in the relationship to make any of the choices you want.

And to be honest, everyone responds well to someone who has boundaries and knows what is right for them."Who is going to contest the fact that you like them?

As long as you're willing to continue to honestly share your emotions and the relationship is progressing forward, you should have no problem slowing down your mate," Winter continues.

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