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A lot of models struggle with handling initial inquiries from potential customers.When you’re typing out the same answers over and over, it seems like Skype clients are out to push every button that annoys you.Please note that Amazon specifically includes in their Terms of Service for gift cards that they are not to be used in exchange for services rendered, and they reserve the right to cancel gift cards and transactions that they believe are not true “gifts”.Gift cards can also be cancelled by the purchaser up until they are redeemed for product, which is something to keep in mind.The penalties for violating the TOS differ, but can include freezing funds, shutting accounts, and permanent bans from the platform.Some of these platforms will also refund your clients and not penalize them for the transaction, a fact that scammers have figured out (please see below under “common scams”).

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Refunds: It is increasingly well-known that many popular vanilla payment methods like Pay Pal and Google Wallet do not permit adult industry transactions, and some guys are exploiting this.A shocking number of models have given into the desire for convenience and higher earning % and still accept payment on Paypal, Google Wallet, Circle Pay, Venmo, etc.They assume the chances of getting caught are low, but with instructions for scams like this circulating on Twitter and Reddit, more models are losing their money.If you find it frustrating to reply to the same questions repeatedly, I’d suggest that you keep a document with the answers to common questions for copy-paste purposes.Just like talking with potential customers in free chat while streaming, it is a fine line to walk between answering reasonable questions to determine if you are the right fit for the client’s needs and giving free jerk-off talk.

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