Sirius travel link weather map not updating

The APIM is where the SYNC software is stored and run.If that module isn’t operating correctly it will affect everything connected to it like Nav, Audio and phones.I was able to reactivate the Sirius radio by home computer sending a reactivation signal from Sirius, but could not fully reactivate their Travel Link after three attempts.I also re-paired the Bluetooth phone that then disconnected a few days later.The regular traffic function, at top of the Traffic Link Screen was activated however, and did work.I also included all Sirius subscription info that contained account number and expiration dates on those services.Any upgrades or TSB to this orphaned early SYNC system, to correct this most annoying defect?Car has been at Ford Dealership for one week and as I expected SIRUS says the "Travel Link" issue is a Ford Radio issue and Ford says it is a SIRUS issue! Have a 2011 Taurus with the sony Navigation radio in it.

I don’t know if indeed these Sirius and Sync radio issues will return but looking at my expensive Ford extended service contract I see this system is not covered after the 3/36 original factory warranty.

Also I have the lifetime Sirius Radio “Everything” plan that may be void if I was to replace this radio with a newer one in the future.

Will update this Thread if I have more issues that I will not be able to afford if they are customer pay!

I did my own research and found they really did not convey to Ford Technical Service or Sirius that some and not ALL of the Sirius activated Travel Link were not working no matter how many reactivation signals were being sent to this radio, or the radio being rebooted or past history.

Interesting System Facts: I found that the APIM (Accessory Protocol Module) could be failing that could cause these issues and Bluetooth issues, and should be checked.

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