Sintinel not updating after release

Can you add some details about how you are rendering references to the bundles? I have the bootstrap less files being compiled into a css and and its definitely not instant to see my changes.

For me it was about 10 seconds on a fast pc with an ssd. I saw this answer but none of these were the case for me.

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Despite all this, the view refused to update to include the new CSS file.

My solution was to create a minified version of the CSS file and include it in the project and it started working.

There were certain CSS rules that were making the styles bundler fail and i was getting the same hash, even if i made changes to the CSS file. In my case the violating css selector rule was - For what it's worth, I had the same problem just now with one js file inexplicably refusing to update no matter what (rebuild, forced cache clear etc). In my situation, I had a CSS file referenced in a style bundle and had that bundle referenced in my MVC view.

After a while, I switched the client debug tools in IE on (F12) to start watching the network traffic, and this act alone forced the JS file to refresh. I also had the "Enable Optimizations" flag set to false in the bundle code.

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