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Gust 376 Hadford, John 242 Hadford, Louis 220 Haeberle, Jacob 187 Hall, George S.. 198 Hamilton, Charles L 144 Hanlon, Thomas 352 Hardman, Albert C 370 Hardwick, William D 336 Harr, Joseph 355 Harrington. A civilizing force of a vastly higher character en- tered the Indian country, when the American mission- ary came, actuated by no other motive than the good ol the red men, hoping for no other reward than a noble work well performed, an approving conscience and a final abundant entrance into a heavenly home. This devoted missionary was a native of Bath, New York, born in 1804. Spalding," says Gray, "is that he has before him an unusual countenance. Among the mining districts which are today com- manding attention are several the names of which were household words in the golden days of 1861-2-3.

George 174 Gillmore, Simeon J 269 Gilmore, George W 164 Glass', Thomas C 235 Goffinet, Eugene F 373 Goldsmith, Martin L 192 Graham, John D 324 Granz, John C 164 Green, Charles W T«5 Green, William J 156 Gregory, Austin D 3&7 Grinstead, Charles W 302 Gritman, Fred 254 Grostein, Louis 255 Gwin, Jacob N 274 Hadford. entirely without benevolent disposition toward their red-skinned brethren, for they enforced the law pro- hibiting the sale of intoxicants to Indians and were reasonably careful that nothing should be done to de- bauch these children of nature, but it is an undoubted fact that they not only neglected to sow the seeds of a higher civilization themselves, but were opposed to any others who might attempt to teach the Indian useful arts or do anything to render him less absolutely dependent upon the' Hudson's Bay Company, the great autocratic power of the Columbia basin. Spalding and wife, the ladies being the first of their race and sex to venture across plain and mountain to the distant Pacific. Whitman established his mission at Waiilatpu, not far from where Walla Walla now is, while Spalding cast his lot with the Nez Perces. The season of the year during which this work is being prepared renders it practically impossible to visit the mines in person and our lack of mining ex- perience must of necessity render this description of the mining industry somewhat superficial, but we shall do our best with the information at hand.

It is only through these combined efforts that we can continue to make progress in providing Idaho teens with the necessary tools to make good choices and reducing unplanned teen pregnancies.

Southeastern Idaho Public Health’s Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention program continues to strive to make the lives of southeast Idaho’s youth positive through awareness and outreach.

Retrospective— Sixteenth Century Explorations in the Northwest— Eighteenth Century Discoveries— Early Commercial En- terprises — Astoria a British Possession— Repossessed by the United States— Superlative Absolutism of the Hudson Bay Company — Advent of Methodist Missionaries in the Northwest — The Oregon Controversy— Joint Occupancy Treaty Con- tinued — " Fifty-Four Forty or Fight" — Sacrifices of United States for Sake of Peace — Imminent Danger of War with Great Britain — Emperor William of Germany Arbitrates the Dispute 1 GENERAL NORTH IDAHO HISTORY. William R 168 Gifford, Seth 363 Gifford, Wilfred L 340 Giles, Charles 335 Gil'and. It were unfair to assert that they were HISTORY OF NORTH IDAHO. The palmy days of placer mining have long since passed, but the re- vival of the last decade in quartz mining has brought to light not a few promising prospects and some pro- ducers, the wide distribution of which, considered in connection with the evidence of mineralization in many parts of the intervening country, fosters the belief that Idaho county is some day again to lead the state, as it did in the early 'sixties, in the production of mineral wealth.

Intangible Reeords of Early Gold Discoveries— Indian Legends Concerning Mysterious Treasure— Colonel E. Price Finds Gold on Clearwater River — Indian Opposition Prevents His Prosecution of Mining— Deluge of Humanity into Nez Perces Country— Indians Unwillingly Sign a Treaty— Steamboat Explorations in 1861 — Opening of Oro Fino and Oro Grande Mining Regions — Average Earnings of Placer Miners — Description of Salmon River Mines — Stampede to Pioneer Gulch — Indians Save Life of G. Noble — The Dalles Subjected to Mob Rule — The Two Mining Camps of Washington and Richmond — Social Conditions— Lawlessness Punished by Judge Lynch CHAPTER II. Portion of Nez Perce Reservation Laid Out as a Townsite in 1861— Rapid Settlement of the Country Brings Miners' Laws to the Front — Territorial Government of Washington Organizes Shoshone County— Political Agitation for New Territorial Boundaries— Lewiston the First Capitol of Idaho — Details of an Historic Crime— Desperado Lower Demolishes a Camera — Prompt and Effectual Action of Courts Disbands Vigilance Committees — Unpopularity of Union Sentiment in Southern Idaho — First Territorial Legislature of Idaho Convenes at Lewiston December 7, 1863 — Legality Denied and Case taken to the Supreme Court of the United States— Stampede from Southern Idaho to the Coeur d'Alenes— Early Railroad History — Earthquakes CHAPTER 111. Savages Face to Face with Law of the Survival of the Fittest— Scare in Indian Valley— Council of August 14, 1872— De- partment of Interior Prohibits White Settlement by Order Dated April 30, 1873— Local Effects of the Order— Dilemma of the Interior Department— Letter of Governor Grover— The Wallowa Reopened to Settlement— General O. How- ard's Order— Cattle King Crooks Sounds an Alarm— The Norton Massacre— The Salmon River Murders— Interviews with Those Who Had Lived in the Storm Center of the War— Indians Rout Perry's Cavalry— Death of Lieutenant Theller— Last Stand of Lieutenant Theller— Forty Per Cent of Perry's Command Left Dead on the Field— Lewiston Calls for Aid —Massacre on Camas Prairie— Criticism on Generalship Displayed in the Nez Perce War— Chief Joseph Complimented on His Leadership— Looking Glass and Chief Joseph Plan a New Campaign— Captain Perry Given Chief Command at Cottonwood — Trend of the War Decidedly in Favor of the Indians — Joseph Finally Driven Toward the Buffalo Country —General Gibbon Leaves Helena for the Front — Engages the Indians and Is Wounded— Discovery of Treachery on the Part of the Bannocks— General Miles Ordered to Pursue Joseph Toward Bear Paw Mountain— Surrender of Chief Joseph CONTENTS. ° Faunce, Charles E 330 Ferrall, Garret H 13S Ferry, Charles E 310 Fike; Christian J 294 Fish, David 355 Flaig. William 3S0 Fountain, Henry K 241 Freeburn, Jacob E 301 Fritz, James A 210 Frost, Electus M 171 Frye, Charles M 206 Gage, William H 35 INDEX. C -44 Gertie, Henry J 197 Gertje, Tohn H 385 Gibbs. But the Hudson's Bay men were in the country for other purposes than the amelioration of conditions among the Indians. Though from an agriculturist's standpoint there seems to be much waste 'and in central Idaho, yet is the country almost every- where rich in some form of wealth.

ije=3jj N offering this volume to the public, its publishers can hardly hope that it will in all respects meet H H the approval of those whose golden opinions are so ardently desired. In the treatment of the subject it is impartial, accurate and re- liable, and is a standard history of Latah County from the date of its settlement to the present time. Philip 241 Johnson, Silas 225 Johnson, Stephen 332 Johnson, William F 161 Johnson, Wyley T 259 Johnson, Zephaniah A 224 Johnston. Frank W 196 June, Peter 306 Kachelmeir, Alois .225 Kammers, Adam 286 Keenev. Thomas 344 Knowlton, Lafayette 197 Kouni, Michael 383 Kroutinger, Alfred W 271 Lacey, Pearl C 359 La Dow, Thomas H 298 Lambert, James 239 Larkee, John C 158 Larson, August 223 Larson, Charles 295 Leach, Eli A 318 Leachman, John F 21S Le Baron, William 337 Lee, Harold L 303 Leeper, Charles A 257 Leeper, Clarence E 354 Leggett. S 288 Mael, Amos .' 351 Malmoe, Martin B 234 Manning, Fred M 214 Manning. Samuel K 179 Mills, Arthur J 176 M inert, Frederick M 37S Misner, Arthur E 214 Mockler, Thomas M 233 Morgan Henry A 167 Morris, Charles E 173 Morris, John B 257 Morris, Mason l8r Morse, Samuel S 303 Moser, Robert E 35S Mote. PAGE Phinney, Samuel 332 Picart, Alexis 380 Pliter. Peter 505 Austin, Jesse G 468 Bales, Thomas XV 494 Hartley, A. Orren 518 Bernthal, Frederic 503 Bernthal, John M 503 Bibb, Robert M 544 Bishop, Alfred II 570 Bowman, William W 529 Brackett, Charles D 466 Brady, Hugh 501 Briggs, Phcenix R 571 Brockenour, Peter 538 Brown, Benjamin P 463 Brown, Charles F 563 Brown, Charles F 504 Brown, Frank 579 Brown, Loval P S74 Brown, Rollin C 560 Brown, Walter L 4/5 PAGE Brown, William G .• 543 Bruner, Lewis A 531 Buchannon, James si/ Burgdorf, Fred C 575 Butcher, Eben W 540 Calder, Henry R 472 Campbell. Wellington M 477 Clay, Hershel H 554 Cone, Charles P 549 Conklin, George N 457 Coon, Abram ;;_' Cooper, Richard P 546 Coram, William 493 Corbett, Paul F 481 Cowgill. Telon E 518 Lifers, Henry J 451 Filers, Henry J., Jr 535 Eller, Joseph M 482 Evans, Oscar M 461 Farmer. PAGE Ferree, James E 490 Fitzgerald, Edmond 547 Flynn, Charles 471 Fockler, Joshua S 527 Forsmann, John B 531 Foster, Albert D 579 Gage, Marcus E 555 Callaway, Albert 469 Callaway, George M 510 Gallaway, Sherman S 47 2 Gal la way, Thomas B 544 Garber, Jacob C 510 Gee, Everett 509 Getty, George R 541 Gill, Toseph G 515 Girton, T. His moral influence was injured by strong symptoms of passion when pro- voked or excited. From the summit of the huge spur down which the trail winds, one can look for miles and miles over a sea of mountain and ra- vine, of ragged precipices and stony heights, of barren wastes and pine-crested slopes. Frank W 226 Hobart, James L 146 Hobson, John W 188 Hoffman. Shannon 189 Holliday, George T 216 Holliday, William P 327 Holt. 240 Ingle, Charles S 156 Ingle, William A 171 Isaman, Samuel G 353 Jacks. Jason Lee, of the Methodist Episcopal church, who came with a party of assistants and teachers and settled in the Willamette valley in 1834. In 1836 he began his missionary labors among the Nez Perces and to his unremitting toil, and that of his efficient helpmate, for the temporal, intellectual and spiritual welfare of these Indians much credit is due for their marked superior- ity over surrounding tribes. He is of medium size, stoop-shouldered, with a voice that can assume a mild, sharp or boisterous key at the will of the owner ; quite impulsive and bitter in denunciation of a real or supposed enemy ; inclined in the early part of his mis- sionary labors to accumulate property for the especial benefit of his family, though the practice was disap- proved of and forbidden by the regulations of the American Board. Situated in the vi- cinity of the Salmon river its environs partake of the picturesqueness which characterize the canyon of that stream and country adjacent to it. Jason M 145 Harris, Frank E 170 Harris Edison E 245 Hawthorn, John W 371 Haynes, Loren L 206 Heberly, Charles W 205 Hegel, Edward S 297 Heitfeld, Anton 151 Helt, John W 381 . Jefferson D 204 Hendrickson, Erick 323 Henry, Noble 1S2 Herres, Louie J 241 Hilton. L 19S Hunt, Warren P 37° Inghram, John F 240 Inghram, Robert L -. The honor of pioneership in missionary work belongs to Rev. He graduated at Western Re- serve College at the age of twenty-nine and later en- tered Lane Theological Seminary, the course in which he did not remain to complete. Gray of the Whitman mis- sion, who was associated with them in their trip across the plains, may not be uninteresting to the reader. He begins to examine and finds a man with sharp features, large, brown eyes, dark hair, high, projecting forehead, with many wrinkles, and a head nearly bald. Flor- ence, which had such a brilliant early history, enjoyed a very considerable boom in recent years and though interest has subsided somewhat, it is still among the important districts of the county.But, with all vigilance, we can not feel sure that erroneous statements have not crept into the volume, and we feel constrained to invoke the kind charity of the reader to the faults he may discover. The undersigned, pioneer settlers of Shoshone County, Idaho, hereby certify that they have read the history of said county to be published with that of other counties of north Idaho by the Western Historical Publishing Company and have called atten- tion of its compilers to such slight errors as they noticed. 3S g Wayne, George \Y 1 59 Webber, Jerry K s r Weeks, Elmer , 2 , W •:!! Whitson, William N 186 \ [ggin, Edward L 202 Wtldenthaler, Seraphin 26S Wilks, John V 299 Williams, Albert 204 Williams, Charles E 314 Williams, David S 345 Williams, Edward G 277 Williams, resse I' 173 Willis. 162 Wilson, Beniamin E 14=; Wilson, Edward B 2S9 Wilson, Nathaniel 323 Wilson, William J 309 Wimpy. Robert M 284 Wright, William A 166 Wright, William T 165 Wright, William W 175 Wyman, George II 285 Wyman, Philip 194 Yager, Walter E 379 York. Lily M 184 Bowlby, Wilson 2V Boyd, James W 184 Chapman, Charles E 304 Chapman, Mrs. James 480 Surridge, Thomas 474 Swanson, Nels 522 Swarts, John A 502 Swarts, Theodore D 474 Sweet, Edward S 572 Tautfest, Fred 503 Taylor, Andrew J 512 Taylor, Frank L 575 Taylor, Frank Z 520 Taylor, John 467 Telcher, Didriech H 507 Ternan, Henry 533 Thompson, James F 473 Thompson, Jessv B 500 Truitt,' Russell 526 Truscott, Matthew H 545 Turmes, Lucien 467 Turner, Franklin P 460 Turner, John W 496 Van Buren, D. Mark V 544 King, Peter 512 Lyon, Ivan D 568 Ott, Lawrence 512 Pettibone, Nathaniel B 564 Pfeufer, Joseph 564 PAGE Pulse, John J 556 ■Ready, Peter H 564 Remington, James J 478 Robie, Edward W ' (64 Robie, Isabella 464 Sweet, Edward S 572 Taylor, Andrew J 5 1 2 Triiscott, Matthew H 5 4 Turner, John W 496 Wassem, George F 556 Wassem, Mrs. Orton W 639 Beasley, Richard 654 Bechtel, Martin 662 Beckman. They thought it to be but a few leagues across, and took for granted that some of the many arms of the sea would lead them through to another ocean that would wash the Asiatic shores. He was unquestionably a sincere, though not always hum- ble Christian. Much of the granite rock, especially the crumbling slopes, was of a sparkling white chat dazzled the eyes, and through this ground- work harder masses of dull scarlet, merging into crag- gy knolls and pinnacles, shot up in vertical walls.The special histories of Latah and Kootenai counties were prepared by John M. The compilers have almost invariably been received with courtesy by those whom they have had occasion to approach, and to all who have in any way assisted, their sincere gratitude is hereby cordially extended. They cheerfully testify that the work is, to the best of their knowledge accurate and comprehensive and that it is free from partiality and sectional or class bias. ■- Richard ~S Whaley, Albert D 351 Wheat, Tames M 202 Whitcomb, Tames W 248 White, George W. Charles E 304 Clark, Louis 200 Click, Orie W 3^0 Dunwell, Dennis W. C 561 Vandeburgh, Edwin C 460 Vansise, Frank D 505 Vicory, Joseph H 561 Vincent, Joseph K 570 Vincent, Joseph S 492 Vineyard, Lycurgus 55S von Bargen, Herman 494 von Bargen. August 710 Bell, Robert J 640 Belvail, William R 690 Berry, Franklin M 70S Berry, James D 686 Biddison, Anion K 7°i Biram, William L 657 Booth, George M 744 Bottjer, John 724 Bowers, Stephen A 7*5 Bowles, Rufus M 7^3 Bowman, Charles E 672 Brillhart, George H 7 ! In 1500, only eight years after Columbus, Gasper Portuguese, conceived the idea of entering what afterward became known as Hudson's Bay and proceeding thence westward through what he called the strait of Anian. The loss of his wife and the excit- ing and savage massacre of his asociates produced their effects upon him. In the sunlight of early morning the canyon is a blaze of strange and ever changing color as the shadows recede from the scarred fronts of yellow, red and black, and become illumined with the bright rays of the strength- ening sun.

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