Single mothers and fathers dating interacial dating blackman white woman

This is written to protect men (and, somewhat, children).

None of this is to say single mothers are bad people and certainly not to say all women do the things I listed.

So not only will you not be getting sex, but you’re going to have to hang out at Chuck E.

Cheese’s AND pay for the child’s meals and entertainment.

Social workers know that children in these situations are more likely to be abused by their mother’s lovers, so they’ll be more likely to believe you are a culprit.

All it takes is some judge or government official picking YOU to pay for the child’s needs rather than taxpayers.

Especially since women are more likely to file for divorce, marrying a divorced woman means you are more likely to end up divorced from her.

Second marriages have a higher failure rate than first marriage.

This reason alone should eliminate single mothers from your consideration.4) You WILL have to pay more than if you date a childless woman.

First it will start off with having to pay for babysitters, and then she will want to have “dates” on which the child(ren) will come along.

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