Single foster parents dating

The babies were split up between three foster homes as Reed completed foster training.Less than a week after turning 21, she brought home Ajah, Endyah and Kenyah.The triplets were born about two months premature and weighed only 2 pounds each.She was a few months shy of the state's legal age to become a foster parent, but the state allowed her to take classes she'd need to become certified as soon as she turned 21.

Reed is no stranger to caring for kids with complex medical issues.

She would need surgery because of a heart condition.

Doctors told Reed the infant likely wouldn't live past 6 months, Reed recalled.

She behaves like a typical young teen, intrigued by social media."You have a You Tube? Reed teases back before assuring Cassara she is not on You Tube.

"That would've been so cool though," Cassara says, giving her mom a quick hug and darting off to play with her sisters.

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