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There are many kinds of relationships, which can be grouped into four broad categories: Having relationships with neighbors allows you to interact with them, which can reward you with Backpack Items and Social Points.

Sometimes, it is a requirement to interact with neighbors to complete a quest.

For instance, if a "Close Friends" relationship request fails to send, you can use the Naughty Tail clothing item to initiate a "Naughty Friends" request.

Then use another friendly interaction to re-send the initial request. Relationships degrade over time if you do not visit and interact with your neighbors often.

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You will be passively downgraded to this level if you do not maintain your Inspired Soul Mates relationship.It is useful to have at least one Relationship of each nature, as it can be a requirement for completing Achievements or Quests.Furthermore, since some items are more likely to drop from different types of interactions (e.g.A bug in the system can cause a relationship request to fail to be sent.As a result, the other player is unable to accept the request, or to send the same relationship request back.

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