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Two weeks later, he was at the Screen Actor’s Guild Awards in Los Angeles.

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Her interview with the White elaborated, claiming that Ledger’s drug use had recently spiraled out of control because he was afraid of losing custody of his daughter and adding this striking comment about Ledger’s former fiancée, Michelle Williams: “Heath was an Adonis and she was dowdy and not in his league—career-wise or looks-wise—and no one could understand why they got together.” That version of the story was picked up by dozens of other publications, not to mention those to which she spoke anonymously as a “member of Ledger’s entourage.” She also offered to provide information to Whatever the sources—“friends,” “clubgoers,” “insiders”—such stories were spreading as fast as Ledger’s publicist Mara Buxbaum could deny them.This was the night when the recently surfaced video of Ledger allegedly doing coke was shot., but was quashed after Ledger’s publicist rallied some high-profile Hollywood troops (Natalie Portman, Sarah Jessica Parker, Josh Brolin) to threaten a boycott of the show.that the event was practically fated: “We just fell very deeply into one another’s arms.Our bodies definitely made those decisions for us.’’ Matilda was born on October 28, 2005, and the young parents presented as delighted domestic partners. Mom,” he told the Boston was released to raves and Oscar nominations, starting the decades-old chain reaction that would make Ledger into something other than a talented actor.

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