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It can be tough hearing stories that break your heart but it does prioritise some of the things in my own life. It’s definitely a two-way relationship with advice when you come and sit in my chair." KRISTINE Cimbule, 29, of KC Studios in Notting Hill, West London, has even helped clients find love.She says: "I’ve got a lot of empathy and my clients know they can talk to me.One lady a few years ago was ­seeing a guy casually but ended up with chlamydia from someone else she’d been seeing.She was scared she’d passed it on to him, but didn’t want to confess.

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I went to her house and he propped her up while I gave her a blow dry – that was pretty surreal. Just last week I was with a lady who had just miscarried. I treat all of my clients like I treat my friends, and I’m lucky that they are all so diverse." CARLY Price, 32, from Newton Abbot, Devon, works at the salon Muse Of London.

I even helped one client write their online dating profile and he is still in a happy relationship with someone he met because of it.

I’ve been the first to know about pregnancies, miscarriages and all kinds of huge news.

I do her wigs for her and it’s only me, her boss at work and her clinical team that know what she’s dealing with.

We talk a lot about it when she comes in because she doesn’t have that many people she can offload to.

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