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I wasn’t stuck in the true sense of not being able to see possibility, but I was stuck in my own thoughts and interpretation and the way I perceived the world and my thoughts on how the invisible ‘they' saw me.

In this practical introductory workshop, you will discover: - What hypnosis is, and how you’re already experiencing it on a daily basis - How you can begin to use your mind to help rather than hinder your sensual expression - Simple techniques to turn off the inner chatter/monkey mind - Walking you through a process to connect with your most sensual self and discover what you really desire Don’t worry - you won’t be required to share any of your reflections and realisations.

Maybe you would love to date more, be yourself on a date more, or break a pattern of who you date or get into a relationship with? Owning who you really are is truly liberating, and we speak from experience.

Whatever your challenge around dating, relationships or break-ups, you… On top of that, Asa is a certified coach, DISC accredited by the coaching academy, and knows how to help.

You’ll fill us in on the reasons you're considering coaching right now, and together we’ll discuss how we can work together to improve your situation. No problem, we offer appointments by Skype and phone, as well.

Explore what your dating life could look like with the help of a truly understanding coach! Our workshops work for people who have nodded “yes!

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