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) Cause a trick's a bitch And my dick's constantly in her mouth Turning them trick-ass hoes the fuck out now [Verse 4: Snoop Dogg] I once had a bitch named Annie Mae Used to be all in them guts like every day The pussy was the bomb, had a nigga on sprung I was in love like a motherfucka, licking the pearl tongue The homies used to tell me that she wasn't no good But I'm the maniac in black, Mr. Dre Scoop in a coupe, "Snoop we got news Your girl was tricking while you was draped in your county blues" I ain't been out a second And already gotta do some motherfucking chin-checkin' Move up the block as we groove up the block See my girl's house, "Dre, pass the Glock" Kick in the do', I look on the flo' It's my little cousin Daz and he's fucking my ho, yo (Bitches ain't shit) I un-cock my shit I'm heart-broke but I'm still loc'ed Man, fuck a bitch [Hook: Snoop Dogg] Bitches ain't shit but hoes and tricks Lick on these nuts and suck the dick Gets the fuck out after you're done Then I hops in my ride to make a quick run Bitches ain't shit but hoes and tricks Lick on these nuts and suck the dick Gets the fuck out after you're done Then I hops in my ride to make a quick run Bitches ain't shit [Verse 5: Jewell] I don't give a fuck about a bitch But I and her know that they can't fade this Cause I'm doin my own thing down with the swang I'm hanging with Death Row like it ain't no thang I say you know you can't deal, cause I'm a bitch that's real Motherfuckers need to step back, hell yeah they need to chill Because I don't give a fuck, and I don't give a fuck And I don't give a fuck, I don't give a fuck And now I gotta do some shit that's clean But when I'm on a dick, hell yeah, I get real mean, hah Like a washing machine I can wash the clothes All the hoes knows that I'm on the flo', ho But they can't hang with my type of swang I ain't trying to say I suck every ding-a-lang But just the juicy ones with the tip of the tongue And then they're sprung, and with the nuts hung [Outro: Snoop Dogg] Bitches ain't shit Built around the opening bassline from Parliament’s “Adolescent Funk,” Dre, Daz, Kurupt, and Snoop grab the mic to talk about women who aren’t very respectable. Dre uses his verse to fire shots at Eazy-E and Jerry Heller from his former label, Ruthless Records.Snoop Eastwood So I figure niggas wouldn't trip with mine Guess what? Musician Colin Wolfe talked about the production of the track: One day, I was alone in the control room and Dre and Daz were up in the back room, trying to mess around on the keyboard for the “Bitches Ain’t Shit” bass line.We'd used a lot of lube and were really getting into it until we noticed a horrible smell. My partner pulled his penis out quickly and got in the shower to rinse off.Apparently, we used too much lube and our love-making turned into some sort of freaky colonoscopy/sloshy enema colonic. He was almost crying as all that liquid poop washed away from him while I was still cleaning off the mattress as I tried not to throw up.In order to preserve his dignity, and out of a level of paralysis about what to do, I proceeded with the light touch and was left with dirty fingers.

It becomes a dirty game of Pictionary that we act out later." "My fiancé texted me and asked what I wanted for dinner, so I playfully texted back '170 pounds of man meat' with a smiley face.

Got gaffled by one-time I'm back to the motherfucking county jail 6 months on my chest, now it's time to bail I gets released on a hot sunny day My nigga D. So I stepped in the doorway and I could hear whet they were trying to do…I said, “Man, look out, y’all trying to do this.” [imitates bass line] I straight did it, recorded it, and then I was like, “Yo, I got another part,” and did the high Moog part right after that.

"One time, I kept my knee-high black leather boots on when my boyfriend and I had sex.

Something about the experience made things really intense.

Now I just text him a photo of the boots and it's enough to get us both riled up." "I use emojis to let my guy know what I'd like to do to him when we're together.

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