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In chat rooms, the youth are sexually pursued, the study found.

Separate research detailed the extent to which teens seek advice on sex and relationships from anonymous peers on the Web -- and the ways they keep parents out of the loop.

Users simply swipe through images to view potential matches, and in one click they can indicate anonymously whether they are interested in another user or not. The app uses information which is public from your Facebook profile to create your Tinder profile.

Once set up, users can then choose to widen or limit the criteria for potential matches – you can adjust location (Tinder uses location technology to find other Tinder users near you), sex (Male or Female) and age range.

The coded sexual allusions were still devoid of feelings and relationships."If a parent enters the physical room, a child might type "POS" (parent over shoulder) to explain temporary quietude or absence from the virtual chat room, said co-researcher Kaveri Subrahmanyam.

A separate study, also reported today, found that some teens seek health advice from their peers on bulletin boards as a way to avoid the awkwardness of talking about sex with their parents."Questions referring to sexual techniques prompted a lot of interest in the teen sexual health issues board, and so did interpersonal aspects of sex, such as problems with boyfriends and girlfriends regarding whether or not to have sex," according to Lalita Suzuki and Jerel Calzo, also of the NSF-funded center at UCLA.

You can then either swipe right to make a match with another user, tap his/her image to view more or swipe left to continue looking through potential matches.

Teenagers are often inadvertently exposed to porn when they conduct unrelated Web searches, said Patricia Greenfield, a psychology professor and director of UCLA's Children's Digital Media Center.

Greenfield studied the topic at ground-level, entering a chat room targeted at teens."The sexuality expressed in a teen chat room was public, linked to strangers and had nothing to do with relationships," Greenfield said.

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Many teens are routinely exposed to pornography and sexual advances from strangers on the Internet whether they seek it or not, according to a new study sponsored by the National Science Foundation.

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