Sex dating in wayne illinois keri russell and scott speedman dating

In some cases, even though someone gives consent, it may still be illegal to engage in sexual activities with that person.Depending on the situation, an individual who is intoxicated by drugs or alcohol may not legally have the ability to give consent.The seriousness of sex crime accusations makes it extremely important to hire an attorney as soon as allegations arise.

Generally, under Illinois, the greater the age gap, the more severe the penalty.When this is the case, the law states that this is the equivalent of not giving consent at all.The severity of punishment for statutory rape crimes may vary depending on the age difference of the individuals involved.This is regardless of whether the act was voluntary at the time or if the victim had engaged in sexual activity with the defendant prior to the incident.In addition, date rape drugs, such as roofies, are often used by offenders to force sexual contact.

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