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That exhilaration we feel in each other’s company is the buzz of redemption. Next day, you pick up the tabs, snicker at the inevitable photo of men in gowns, and go into work vowing to wear that pink triangle like a crucifix.

So Stonewall 25, which promises to be the biggest gay gathering ever, is not just a commemoration, not just a party, not just a demand for civil rights. And you do, for about two days, until the subtle distance between you and the guys at the watercooler becomes a pal­pable tightening of lips.

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On the one hand, we are all members of a secular culture that enshrines the ideal of equality in the consti­tution; on the other hand, we are products of a homophobic tradition with its roots in religion.

Indeed, many gay theorists would argue that this homophobic “faith” is es­sential to the organization of heterosexual­ity as we know it.

Some time soon, the Supreme Court is likely to take up the matter of gays in the military.

At stake is the Clinton administration’s “Don’t ask, don’t tell” policy which, in its tortuous attempt to codify discrimina­tion, has the potential to wreak havoc on gays even outside the military.

In effect, these laws ratify discrimination and censorship, and the fact that they usually pass by wide margins is an ominous sign of how formidable the resis­tance to gay rights remains.The personal is political: For us, that axiom is a sentence carved into our backs. We face the gravest threat to gay rights since the election of Ronald Reagan, in the form of ballot initiatives denying us basic protections against discrimination. As the right rolls over the Republican party, and Democrats scramble to hold the center, our freedom is on the line.Our foes are as formidable today as they were on that weekend in 1969 when the fair­ies fought back.You realize you can only show queer when a critical mass is achieved.Rest of the time, there are table manners to be observed, and the napkins are made of Brillo pads.

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