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The ranch promised to offer regular high school classes that would allow Meg to graduate even though she was leaving her high school.

That made things a little better, knowing that she would not be left behind but as it turned out that was all lies, just like the rest of the stuff that they claimed to do for the kids.

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She would cry and beg me to get mom to bring her home.

They had a fenced-in area about the size of a football field for the horses to run around, and if you did something wrong they would put you on the fence.

What this meant was that you had to sit all day in front of the fence, and scrub the rust off with a toothbrush!!

After you finished a course they would quiz you on it.

I was told I would get normal schooling since i was a senior in high school, but that was normal to them. We would have to clean and mop etc., then we had labor time. We would clean for hours and then Wren would come and put a white glove on, and if he found any dust or dirt, we would have to clean all over again.

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