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At this fascinating national park located east of Winslow, you can explore one of the largest and most vibrantly colored collections of petrified wood, historic structures and archaeological sites which sit among the striking beauty of the Painted Desert.The “trees” are fragmented, fossilized logs spread across a vast area of grassland.The horseshoe-shaped meander of the Colorado River that serves as an excellent example of a formation called an “entrenched meander,” can be reached by taking a less than three-quarters-of-a-mile hike through the scenic red rocks that overlook the river.The colorful historic mining town of Bisbee, offers all sorts of interesting attractions, from odd art installations and spectacular murals, to historical sites and even a mining tour.Many are huge, up to six feet in diameter, and at least one spans a ravine, forming a natural bridge.And, they’re as ancient as the first dinosaurs that roamed the world 225 million years ago.Today,it offers the chance to explore the Old West in an authentic ghost town brought back to life.Stop into shops and historic buildings, tour a gold mine, explore a museum and even pan for gold.

If you’re curious about astronomy and telescopes, you can take a tour on the weekend which includes a trip up Mount Graham, where you’ll learn about the mountain’s rich geology, history, and diversity of life, lunch, and a guided tour of the observatories.There are four trails that descend into a canyon, allowing visitors to capture the glory of this geologic wonder.This archaeology museum and Sonoran Desert preserve hosts the largest concentration of Native American petroglyphs in the Phoenix area and is open for public tours.Renowned for its mineral riches, the valley once hosted several copper mines that attracted settlers to the area.As such, you’ll find a number of museums related to its glorious past, including the Arizona Copper Art Museum in Clarkdale.

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