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There really is nothing too small or too big to ask for help with.You'll find I'm patient and calm by nature, have a compassionate and mature approach to helping, intuitively sense some things are really tough to talk about and whilst I will help you with ideas and tools to reduce symptoms and which can also speed up meaningful change between sessions, note: you will get to direct, manage your own destiny.We can help you, your partner and family with breakups, arguments, affairs, sexual problems, domestic violence and abuse, post-divorce and separation parenting, step-families, retirement, new baby…anything that has an effect on your relationships""Relate helps all sorts of people in all sorts of situations.

I have some very effective strategies to help you communicate more effectively with your partner openly and honestly..minimising stress and arguing.""I am a relationship issues specialist..

My aim is always for my clients to be able to leave feeling confident in knowing how to maintain their own well being long term.""Headstuff Therapy is run by counsellors with ADHD! We offer a variety of therapies including CBT, TA, intergrative, Coaching.

We work with adolescents and adults and pride ourselves on being the only organisation working with ADHD with insider knowledge of it ourselves.

working practically and effectively with individuals and couples experiencing relationship difficulties of any description.

I provide a forum for you to explore and address all aspects of your relationship..a view to making beneficial changes.creating a template which is uniquely customised to your needs..

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