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The counties of Plymouth Colony were transferred to the Province of Massachusetts Bay on the arrival of its charter and governor on May 14, The Taunton area has been the site of skirmishes and battles during various conflicts, including King Philip's War and the American Revolution.Taunton was re-incorporated as a city on May 11, In , the first successful iron works in Plymouth Colony was established on the Two Mile River, in what is now part of Raynham.The city of Taunton is very multi-cultural with peoples of different origins living within the city.

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Since that time, city government has been operating out of the former Lowell M. In Taunton became the target location for a Wampanoag casino complex which was embroiled in conflict by competing regional bands of the Wampanoag over territory claims.

The Taunton Iron Works operated for over years until It was the first of many iron industries in Taunton. In the 19th century, Taunton was also the center of an important iron-making industry, utilizing much bog iron from the numerous swamps in the surrounding area.

One of the more successful companies during this period was the Mason Machine Works , founded by William Mason , which produced machinery for the textile industry, as well as steam locomotives.

Several major companies operate within the industrial park and in other parts of the city.

Over 2, city residents were evacuated,all downtown businesses were ordered closed [9] and Mayor Robert Nunes issued a state of emergency.

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