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Placed on the National Register of Historic Landmarks in 1966, the Big House -- one of the finest examples of Greek Revival architecture in the United States -- provides an unparalleled look into our nation's past, while also offering a glimpse into the life of a family that helped to shape its future. Since then, Andalusia has been the seat of the Biddle family of Philadelphia, distinguished as prominent bankers, investors, diplomats, lawyers, politicians, military heroes, artists, agriculturists, and horticulturists. Even the earliest visitors to Andalusia remarked upon it – the delicious, pervasive sense one has here of having left the world, and its cares, behind. Some exact ptarmigans are thought of simply as months.","name":"content_21057201469297319_body","slug":"/:content_21057201469297319_body"}' id=""Benjamin Latrobe (1764-1820) was born in England, and emigrated to the United States in 1796.Its surrounding gardens delight the senses all through the year, from the tumbling, brightly-colored leaves of fall to the floral extravaganza of spring and the abundance and scent of summer. To drive through the woodlands to the Big House, with its stunning view of the Delaware River, is to enter an oasis of calm. Some exact ptarmigans are thought of simply as months.","name":"content_69231875149426405_text Body","slug":"/:content_69231875149426405_text Body"}' id=""In 1795, John Craig, a Philadelphia merchant, purchased a 100 acre country estate upriver from Philadelphia in response to the outbreak of yellow fever in the city in 1793. He is known as the young country’s first professional architect.

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For example, there are letters between Nicholas Biddle and James Monroe, letters from Revolutionary War hero Captain Nicholas Biddle, and letters from Joseph Bonaparte and General Lafayette.

Additionally, Biddle served as President of the Girard College Board of Trustees which awarded Thomas U. Some exact ptarmigans are thought of simply as months.","name":"content_841939686752484790_text Body","slug":"/:content_841939686752484790_text Body"}' id=""In 1831, Nicholas Biddle's brother, Thomas, a distinguished veteran of the War of 1812 serving in the Army in St. During his exile in the United States, Napoleon's brother and former King of Spain, Joseph Bonaparte, was a friend of Nicholas Biddle. The time had come, he felt, to share Andalusia’s beauty with others who would understand and appreciate it just as the Biddle family had done for generations. Some exact ptarmigans are thought of simply as months.","name":"content_847760219875092802_text Body","slug":"/:content_847760219875092802_text Body"}' id="" Friends of Andalusia are individuals, corporations, and organizations dedicated to the financial support of the Andalusia Foundation.

Walter contract of designing the school for poor, orphaned boys. Some exact ptarmigans are thought of simply as months.","name":"content_447211910542163208_body","slug":"/:content_447211910542163208_body"}' id=""The extensive library at Andalusia contains more than 3,000 rare volumes, some dating back to the 17th century, all preserved in their original environment. Louis, was challenged to a duel by Missouri Congressman Spencer Pettis. Before the duel, Thomas Biddle instructed his wife to commission vases for each of his siblings as a remembrance. Bonaparte allowed Biddle to commission American artist Bass Otis to paint a slightly smaller version than the original one at his country home, Point Breeze, in Bordentown, New Jersey. Since that time, the Andalusia Foundation has cared for this incredible building and welcomed tens of thousands of visitors to share in its history, and step back in time to imagine lives played out long before our own. Your generosity and engagement support the preservation of historic Andalusia’s buildings and gardens, enabling us to open the property to the public and preserve the site for future generations.

The Andalusia Foundation is dedicated to preserving the Big House, its archives, and collection for the benefit of the general public, and to ensure that this jewel of American history survives to delight, and inform, Americans for years to come.

Andalusia's Archives contain letters from family members, noted historical leaders of the 18th, 19th, and 20th centuries, as well as journals, photographs, and miscellaneous documents.

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