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Let us hasten to reassure the reader that no rules have been violated: the Editor is merely adhering to an old English custom of free spelling, dating back to Elizabethan days when words were not spelled according to inflexible regulations but according to the mood of the writer at the moment.

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In the hotly contested event second place went to J. Sullivan, Jr., with 4-1, 19-year- old University of Tennessee junior, who won (he 1948 Tennessee Open, the 1948 Southern Association Open and the 1949 Georgia Open in the short span of his chess playing career. First place went to Laszio Szabo of Hungary, second place to Nicho¬ las Rossolimo of France, while former World Champion Max Euwe placed third. But while this confusion of foreign names remains a chaos beyond order, we trust that those Europeans who settle in these United States or Canada, will lend a hand in naturalizing their names into one stand¬ ard form. Rasim.-sen (Canada), who was the winner' 5n CHESS LIFE’S Problem Tourney. We write Botvinnik, whereas some others prefer Botwinnik; and we trust 'the reader is not confused thereby. U-54 .1J-54 Pfli'kor (Temple) _______ Dimitrialix (Rutgers) . Dietz succeeds to the title won in 1947 by Robert Byrne of Yale, who did not defend his title. The tournament was most unusual in the fact that only one draw occurred—the game be¬ tween Jackson and Manahan. An upset occurred in Ufy final match when Portsmouth was decisively trounced by Haverhill 5-1, and Newburyport (Mass.) Chess Club came within a few points of snatching first place honors. Mar¬ garet Gould of Newburyport who turned in five wins with no losses or draws. So the strug¬ gle for identities is limited to the rising luminaries like Naidorf (Naj- dorf), Smisloff (Smyslov), Lowenfisch (Levenfish), etc., whose names will finally solidify into one accepted form. chess life has in comparison with Europe always been astonishingly weak. LOUIS WON BY INDEPENDENT Other leaders in the 7-round Swiss, directed by Joshua Gross, were: Eucher of Michigan, Hatch of Penn State, Rogan of Indiana and Smith of Yale, tied at 4%-2% each. The event was a 6-round Swiss with 13 entrants, and Jackson won by the score of 5%-%. Ashley with 5-1, and third place to Richard Manahan with 4%-l%. The In¬ dependents scored victories in all five matches, while the YMCA Jun¬ iors lost two match points for a 3-2 score, but placed second on games won. Itoesch with 4%-% on the top board for the YMCA Seniors. H.) Chess'^iub won the title in the North Shore Chess Loaguo, but the race was x ^ry close. Bohatyrchuk (altholugh he is better known to the world as Bogatyrchuk) simply be¬ cause Dr. Fortunately for future generations, most of the great names eventu¬ ally become standardized like Alekhine or their variants are recogniz¬ able like Nirazowitsch (Nimzovitch), Chigorin (Tchigorin). Ktx R eh, Qx Kt and White could struggle on with a P down.

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