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For the policy on words as article topics, see Wikipedia: Wikipedia is not a dictionary.

For the formatting of words mentioned in text, see Wikipedia: Manual of Style/Text formatting § Words as words.

The suffix ‑gate suggests the existence of a scandal.

Use these in articles only when they are in wide use externally, e.g.

Make sure, as well, that reliable sources establish the existence of a controversy and that the term is not used to grant a fringe viewpoint undue weight.

With regard to the term "pseudoscience": per the policy Neutral point of view, pseudoscientific views "should be clearly described as such".

Words such as fundamentally, essentially, and basically can indicate particular interpretative viewpoints, and thus should also be attributed in controversial cases.Likewise, views that are properly attributed to a reliable source may use similar expressions, if they accurately represent the opinions of the source.Reliable sources may analyze and interpret, but for editors to do so would violate the no original research or neutral point of view policies.The advice in this guideline is not limited to the examples provided and should not be applied rigidly.For example, some words have specific technical meanings in some contexts and are acceptable in those contexts, e.g. What matters is that articles should be well-written and consistent with the core content policies—Neutral point of view, No original research, and Verifiability.

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