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Soon I had a Java interpreter ready to run on an Android app.Rather than building Snub, I ended up shipping three different chatbot apps: But, by June 2016, two years later, none of these chatbot projects had really taken off.It sounds like you’ve recently turned back towards Deep Learning techniques.What are you working on right now with Deep Learning?We then could automatically extract and group topics through topic modeling and a K-means clustering.Can you give me a sense for some of the most common topics?According to a 2014 Kenya demographic and health survey: It was important to us to make sure this youthful population not only gets necessary information on sexual and reproductive health, but also accurate and helpful information — without fear of judgement, when they need it most. We saw this technology as an opportunity — we could be the first to to deliver sexual health education via an app or a chatbot in messaging apps. So far, we have been asked over forty thousand questions from over 4,000 users from all over the world. Our users can ask Sophie free-form questions like: Sexually transmitted infections (STIs) are infections transmitted by having unprotected sex with an infected partner.

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Pressure was mounting to find new promising approaches.

However, this was around the time that I realized how big of a problem sexual health is in Kenya and Africa.

I saw a natural opportunity to adapt my earlier chatbot experiments with AIML to something that might be helpful in improving access to proper sexual health information.

Mental well A combination of all these factors makes for a (sexually) healthy YOU! If I’m reading that correctly, AIML is a markup language takes a pattern and responds with a template? Well, I launched Sophie Bot with only literally 3 questions.

Sophie Bot could say hi back, answer only two strictly defined questions, and offer a default answer if a question wasn't defined in her knowledge base.

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