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(Assuming that annoying yippy sound can be considered a .

And if the Dog class has a method make Noise(), well, don’t you think a 70-pound dog barks a bit deeper than the little 9-pounder?

Stuff those ints into the array, and pass it on back. The caller won’t care, because the byte fits just fine into the int the caller will use for assigning the result. By forcing other code to go through setter methods.

It’s a little more involved to return multiple values with different types; we’ll be talking about that in a later chapter when we talk about Array List. You must use an Java doesn’t require you to acknowledge a return value. Here we are, just humming along without a care in the world leaving our data out there for Think about this idea of using our remote control to make a direct change to the Cat object’s size instance variable. That way, the setter method can validate the parameter and decide if it’s do-able.

Jai knew that Buchanan was as stupid as he was ugly and he didn’t want to spook the big guy.

Buchanan ordered Jai into his boss’s office, but Jai’d done nothing wrong, (lately), so he figured a little chat with Buchanan’s boss Leveler couldn’t be too bad.

He’d been moving lots of neural-stimmers in the west side lately and he figured Leveler would be pleased.

Black market stimmers weren’t the best money pump around, but they were pretty harmless.

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If they won’t compile, how would you fix them, and if they do compile, what would be their output?You might want to call a method with a non-void return type, even though you don’t care about the return value. In the hands of the wrong person, a reference variable (remote control) is quite a dangerous weapon. Maybe the method will reject it and do nothing, or maybe it’ll throw an Exception (like if it’s a null social security number for a credit card application), or maybe the method will round the parameter sent in to the nearest acceptable value.In this case, you’re calling the method for the work it does . A Getter’s sole purpose in life is to send back, as a return value, the value of whatever it is that particular Getter is supposed to be Getting. Because what’s to prevent: Doesn’t take a Ph D here. The point is, you can do whatever you want in the setter method, whereas you can’t do But sometimes I see setter methods that simply set the value without checking anything.Most of the stim-junkies he’d seen tapped out after a while and got back to life, maybe just a little less focused than before.Leveler’s ‘office’ was a skungy looking skimmer, but once Buchanan shoved him in, Jai could see that it’d been modified to provide all the extra speed and armor that a local boss like Leveler could hope for.

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