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You'll find her running to greet you in the mornings, sitting next to you as you work in your garden, chatting away as you sit in your garden together, singing a kind of warbling song when she's feeling particularly contented.There's no greater antidote if you're feeling a bit down.When the feathers come in they're a beautiful mahogany colour, with some tipped in white and others separating out in black.With age and with each moult, the white tips tend to multiply and the birds become more and more speckled - giving the breed its name.If you are unable to visit SWOP here, we visit sex workers on the street, in flats, saunas, parlours, hotels and hostels, other working premises and their own homes.We are not connected to the police and we do not pass on information about you or the place where you work.The Speckled Sussex is one of the most spectacular looking chicken breeds and for that reason, it's popular not only as a backyard chicken but as a show bird.This breed perfectly fits the rhyme about "Sugar and spice and all things nice ..."Cute, sweet, friendly, chatty, entertaining - there just aren't enough "nice" words to describe this hen.

We aim to promote and improve the health, safety and wellbeing of sex workers in Sussex.When we visit you we will bring condoms, kits, information in various languages on the law, STIs and keeping safe.Talk with us in confidence about any concerns or issues you may have. The Sex workers’ Outreach Project Helpline has launched! The Speckled Sussex is one of my favourite of all chicken breeds.Let me explain why, starting with just admiring how very pretty they are. The Speckled Sussex has a long and illustrious family background.

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