Sex chat scripts

THEODORE I'm choking you and it's tail is around your neck. It's a dead cat around your neck and I'm pulling it. As he continues, he is moved by the memories he's describing. The office is almost empty except for him and the receptionist, PAUL. THEODORE (CONT'D) I can't believe it's already been 50 years since you married me. Theodore begins to scan each letter through a scanner on the front desk, then puts them in the outgoing mailbox. Theodore pushes print and the letter comes out on a beautiful robin's egg blue piece of stationery, with ball point pen handwritten older-female cursive. There is also a stack of finished letters in their envelopes - an assortment of beautiful stationery in all shapes and sizes. THEODORE'S OFFICE ELEVATOR - CONTINUOUS Theodore enters an oversized, corporate elevator. There are a few other people in the elevator with the same devices in their ears. I'm glad you can't sleep, but even if you were, I'd have to wake you up from the inside.

Quick cut off of her smile, to -- Theodore lays on the ground with Catherine on top of him. CATHERINE (CONT'D) I'm gonna fucking kill you, I'm gonna fucking kill you!

Your seven day forecast is partly-- THEODORE Delete. He plays a futuristic puzzle game on his handheld device as he listens to news headlines. TEXT VOICE China/India merger headed for regulatory approval-- THEODORE Next.

Everyone on the train murmurs to themselves, occupied with their small devices. CATHERINE AND THEODORE'S TINY BEDROOM - DAY - FLASHBACK Theodore, younger, and CATHERINE (20s) move furniture in their bedroom.

7 CONTINUED: TEXT VOICE The following are adult, female, can't sleep and want to have some fun.

SEXYKITTEN (shy, cute girl voice) Hi, I'm here alone, and I can't sleep.

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