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The big players, Google, Facebook, Microsoft and others, are all busy developing and improving this innovative user experience technology.

Messaging applications are now more widely used than social networks, which is good news for the chatbot as they are such messaging applications! The aim of a chatbot is to conduct conversation which allows people access to information via a lightweight messaging application.

One thing is certain: if you master the chatbot, you master the world!

Durch Nachfragen kann der virtuelle Bürger-Service-Assistent zudem gezielt auf das Anliegen des Nutzers eingehen.With the heavy weights of the industry focused on this task we will see leaps in chatbot evolution over the next few years.This is why chatbots are this year’s Atos IT Challenge and primarily we want to see a fantastic idea brought to life with flawless customer experience.Kontaktdateneingabe via Landingpage vor – alles vollautomatisiert.Der virtuelle Assistent ist ein internet-basiertes Dialogsystem, das Fragen zu Bürgerservices der Berliner Verwaltung in Form eines Chats beantwortet.

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