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SSAI, with nearly 60 years of experience, is leading the way to meet these challenges.

We are building the pathway into employment for our low-income, older citizens, especially underserved groups of women, Veterans, and formerly incarcerated workers.

Seriously though if I eat out, at a restaraunt, I make a great effort not to be a pain in the ass.

My guess is, is that its part of the tipping system.Even saying, "you're being rude", to a customer could jeopardize a server's livelihood. They aren't going to know and it wont be noticeable in any way, so they still get off with their sense of superiority over you. Well now you've got a complaint coming your way via your manager, punishment likely, effectively giving the patron two points to your one.And since these customers have only had their rudeness rewarded with comped food and kowtowing management, they keep acting that way. Working in such a position, you more than likely cannot easily afford to lose your job, so you're stuck with resorting to pathetic passive-aggressive "retribution" and maybe an angsty facebook post about it.Compared to my experiences overseas, I think it also comes from American servers being unable to respond to rude customers.Since servers are dependent on tips and most corporate managers will fire even the most loyal server for a minor infraction with no recourse available to the employee, rude behavior is encouraged.

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