Senior sex hook up arguments against online dating

Lori Santos, a psychology professor who studies evolutionary biology by comparing the cognitive abilities of human and non-human primates and teaches the popular “Psychology of Sex” course, said random hookups are an unnatural phenomenon, given that humans naturally tend toward forming relationship pairs.

Humans are genetically wired to crave sex so as to pass on their genes, she said, which explains their ability to derive physical pleasure from sex.

You may have been through some difficult experiences, but avoid discussing those until you get to know the person.

You should also avoid sharing personal medical or financial details as you begin dating. Ask questions about the other person and keep things lighthearted and fun on the first few dates.

A poll by The Harvard Crimson in May 2009 showed that the median Harvard senior has had one sexual partner by the end of his or her senior year.

By comparison, the median Yale student has had sexual intercourse with two partners, and oral sex with three partners, the News’s poll results showed.

Ninety percent of all Yale students have made out with someone at some point, while 75.3 percent have engaged in oral sex with someone, and 64.3 percent have had sexual intercourse.You never know when you might meet the right person and start a meaningful and fulfilling relationship during this time in your life. You are in a seminar with 20 classmates, half men, half women. Meeting people is even easier these days, and there are plenty of eligible partners out there.Keep in mind that there are no hard and fast rules, but there are certainly general guidelines that can prepare you for the experience of dating and let you know what to expect.

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