Sedating antihistamines examples

There are two different types of antihistamines available and most brands are available to procure over the counter.These antihistamines prevent and cure allergies and allergy like symptoms viz., prickly heat rash, but make the patient drowsy.Antihistamines for prickly heat are only a part of the prevention strategy for these rashes.

Apart from wearing comfortable cotton clothes, cool showers, and staying in the shade, the most effective remedy is prickly heat powder.

Some popular brands of sedating antihistamines include Brompheniramine or Chlorpheniramine or Cetrizine.

Non – sedating antihistamines on the other hand do not cause drowsiness but are effective against swelling and pain.

The color of fruits and vegetables depends on the chemical properties of the nutrients present in those food groups.

Quercetin is a flavonoid that is both a natural antihistamine and also helps control other substances that cause allergies.

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