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Now, that figure is up to 3 hours and 23 minutes – almost 70% of users’ time spent with digital media is on mobile! If you’re using paid social, create a seamless visual experience.Focus on transferring the messages and aesthetics of your social ads to your landing pages.This way, you convert Quality Score (Google) into Relevance Score (Facebook) and create a smooth cross-channel brand experience. For more industry news and marketing tips, read the Word Stream blog!There are situations that make us say “It’s a small world”, like when you meet someone at an unexpected place.So, when marketing your service or app, make sure to emphasize ease and quickness.If you’re using Ad Words to bid on those keywords and show ads on SERPs, consider writing headlines like “Fall in Love Today” and “Make a Match Right Now.” Search marketers must keep in mind that consumers are looking for readily available solutions to their problems. ” will not attract as many clicks because it does not offer help. In 2013, consumers spent just over two hours per day on their mobile devices. One, if you’re in the online dating business, having an engaging, user-friendly app is absolutely essential. Market your service across social media platforms to capture attention where it’s most often being put! We here at Word Stream have a lot to say about social media marketing, so it gets its own paragraph.It’s slightly more popular for men: 17% of men have logged on to find love, and 14% of women have done the same.Looking at the adult population overall, the trend slopes down as ages go up.

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Rather than fill out long questionnaires and detailed personal profiles, they’re looking to swipe right and strike up a quick conversation.

So, without any further ado, here are the 10 best people search engines you should use in 2019.

Before we get to our list let us first discuss some reasons where using the following people search engines to find information makes sense.

Now that you know the importance of people search engines, let us take a look at the best of them.

Pipl is arguably the most popular people finder service and deservedly so, considering it works in almost all the countries and offers very accurate results.

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