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Laurenne introduced me to her friend Simone Pond the next year at SDSU, and now Simone is crushing it as an indie author of YA sci fi. There’s always something more to learn, or a fresh twist to expand your thinking on a topic. This conference attracts top industry professionals, and I love that the consultation are 10 minutes long.I don’t write high concept stuff; I can’t pitch my literary memoir in a two-minute speed-dating situation.Grandmother had no idea that most of the people at writers’ conferences are women, but she kept paying my registration fees every year until I got married in 1999.She died the following year, happy that, because of my new husband, I’d moved to Virginia, which she viewed as an improvement.I ran my own copywriting/editing business at the time, and a local yoga instructor asked me to help him write a book in exchange for free yoga classes.I used that opportunity to learn how to write a book proposal, and I went to SDSU to pitch the book to agents and editors.

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How did you find out about the SDSU Writers’ Conference?

Please share any highlights from any of the years you attended.

So many agents and editors I’ve met at SDSU have given me encouragement along the way.

That experience, of living in a foreign country apart from my husband, fighting for this child, then losing her and trying to find a way to survive all that grief and carry on, is what my memoir is all about.

I’ve been working on this book since about 2009, and it’s still not completely done …

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