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There are regular students enrolled, but there have been student athletes, students in the entertainment industry and competitive dancers.The school also enrolls students with anxiety, attention deficit disorder and attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder, for whom the standard public school setting may not work, Rupp said.The fall semester is officially scheduled to begin on Aug.26, but students can be enrolled at any time as the school has rolling enrollment.

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According to the school’s website, the method of teaching is based on research showing that “pacing instruction to each student's individual needs improves learning outcomes.” Rupp, who previously taught at public schools, said she feels she can serve students better with this one-to-one student to teacher ratio.According to the school’s website, students can have flexibility with the school schedule.Students can attend classes Mondays through Fridays at regular school times, or can adjust their schedules to attend classes fewer days, hours or through Facetime or Google Hangouts, as needed, Rupp said.One of these options is Futures Academy, a tuition-based private school that teaches its students with a one-on-one approach.“It used to be that we thought the same education fit everybody.

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