Sccm queries not updating

SCCM 1606 introduces new hardware inventory classes for Office 365 configurations.You no longer need to edit your MOF files to gather Office 365 inventory.

Summary By making a change on All Systems and forcing a full update between Incremental updates, we were able to force all child collections to update as well.

Once the incremental evaluation has added the new device to All Systems, check the limiting collection (Parent – Incremental) to verify that the device is now a member of it as well. The Membership Change Time on the full chain from All Systems to Child 1 were all updated as part of the incremental refresh cycle, but Child 2 & 3 did not see any membership changes.

Summary When Child 3’s schedule finally runs, the device will populate the collection.

Wait for the device populate the Parent collection (Default Incremental update is 5 mins), then manually add Direct rules to each of the Child collections by selecting the collection and clicking Add Resources. It’s equivalent to clicking Update Membership on a collection. My guess is that MOST collection membership rules are added After a device is already in the limiting collection, so this just works because of the UDC file being added to the

At this point, Test1 should be added to ALL Child collections. In the Config Mgr Console import a new device named Test2.

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