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It’s understandable that he doesn’t want to discuss his personal life when promoting his performances during interviews, but what’s interesting is how specific his representatives are when it comes to the topic.

Laura Collins-Hughes, a reporter for The New York Times, mentioned in her recent profile piece that when it came to arranging the interview, Tom Hiddleston’s publicist had one very specific request; no questions about Taylor Swift.

his new social media presence was created upon the request of Marvel, then it should come as no surprise that another Marvel star might boost the signal by welcoming Hiddleston to the fold.

Hiddleston Re-posting a blurry paparazzi photo from Hiddleston’s now-infamous Rhode Island romp, Downey Jr. pretty much exclusively uses his Instagram account for Avengers-centric fun.

Given that the profile was related to his stage performance in “And there was one stipulated no-go zone in this encounter, a condition mentioned by a publicist only after I’d arrived: No talk of Taylor Swift, with whom Mr.

Hiddleston had a brief, intense, headline-generating romance that, post-breakup, she evidently spun into song lyrics.

placed tongue firmly in cheek and wrote, “Join me in welcoming the biggest T. If Hiddleston knows what he’s doing, he’ll strike back in a jovial, on-brand kind of way.

His father, James Norman Hiddleston was born in a poor Scottish family and came a long way up the career ladder. The actor’s mother, Diana Patricia Servaes, comes from an aristocratic family.

In the wake of this exciting news, it's worth wondering how these two crazy kids got together in the first place.

Unlike some celebrity couples, Scar Jo and Jost kept things fairly low-key, and out of the public eye — though they did make the occasional exception and stepped out together during some of their bigger Hollywood moments.

Loki actor, Tom Hiddleston, apparently refuses to discuss his past relationship with Taylor Swift in interviews and press events.

While it might have been over three years since Tom Hiddleston and Taylor Swift were in a relationship, the actor behind Loki in the Marvel Cinematic Universe reportedly won’t discuss his ex-girlfriend.

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