Sasieni pipe dating

These included a Charatan’s Make Canadian Sandblast 0121, the Four Dot Sasieni Pembroke with a patent number, Pat. 150221/20, a Dunhill Bruyere Canadian EC 4R and a Jost’s Supreme Diamond Shank bent billiard. They show the pipe before he cleaned it up and sent it to me. The top and the inner beveled edge of the bowl had a thick cake of tars and oils that had overflowed from the cake in the bowl.The outer edge of the rim appeared to be in good shape but the inner edge was hard to assess because of the lava buildup on the top.The first thing to be changed was the nomenclature itself.In place of the elaborate “Sasieni” stamp of pre-war pipes, a simpler, though still script style, “Sasieni” was used.I scrubbed the mortise and the airway in the shank and the stem with pipe cleaners, cotton swabs and alcohol until the inside was clean and the cleaners came out without more darkening. I sanded the stem to remove the oxidation and the calcification with 220 grit sandpaper.I was able to sand out the tooth marks and blend them into the surface of the stem.I went to my go to source of information Pipedia and looked for the article on Sasieni pipe. I quote the relevant paragraphs in full: “All Sasieni One, Four, and Eight Dot pipes made before W. This script was discontinued by Alfred almost immediately after he took over the company, so this alone tells you your pipe is pre W. I also learned that the florid script Sasieni with tail of the last “i” sweeping underneath was discontinued after WWII.

The red box around the years 1941-1947 shows the features that make up my assessment of the date of this pipe.

I sanded the top with 1500-2400 grit pads to smooth out the damage. I scraped the remaining cake completely out of the bowl.

I worked on the inside of mortise with a dental spatula and scraped away the tarry buildup that had held the stem in place.

Also on the left side next to that it reads Sasieni in clean and not a flowery script over FOUR DOT over LONDON MADE over PAT. The stem was badly oxidized and was calcified from the button forward about an inch.

I have seen this on pipes that generally had a softee bit.

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