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The Taupo and her parents and the people of the village then discuss the matter whilst the visiting party wait in the village for a day or two for the answer.

The first answer given is “Faatau saili” - which means “Look for another girl to be your wife and the Taupo will look for a different man to be her husband.

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They will appoint one Orator to stand before the visiting party and he will exclaim “O la outou ava lena.” (This is your wife.) The visiting party then exhibit great joy and express their thanks with loud shouts.The above is one of the marriage customs of Samoan chiefs.How to speak with beautiful transexual girl " data-medium-file="https://i1com/ is very seldom that less than two such visits must be paid.Notwithstanding the fact that the girl expresses her unwillingness to become the wife of the chief of the visiting party, the Orators of the party will continue their efforts and they rely on the influence of the Orators of the Taupo's village to assist them to gain their ends.

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