Safe tips for online dating

I’m not saying you shouldn’t show off how hot you looked in that wrap dress or low-cut top on your League profile—just be careful if those are the only kinds of photos on there, because certain (sick) people could see this as their permission slip to take advantage of you.“Not only are decent people online looking to meet a nice woman—but disturbed predators are, too,” says former FBI profiler Candice Delong.Before you leave for your date, make sure a friend or relative knows where you are going and when to expect you back.

If you have a friend who is also into online dating, you could consider getting together with your friend and have a double date.Never ever agree to have your first date in a private or secluded spot.You may think that this is very basic advice, but you would be amazed.This way, you won’t be alone when you meet your online friend.You will also have someone to escape with (in case your date turns out to be a bore)!

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