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Once your income tax return is filed with us, you’ll need to pay your income tax by the due date. Creating rules and rule use are the main steps in the AME implementation process.There are two common uses for list-modification rules: reducing an approver's signing authority, and extending an approver's signing authority.In the former case, the list-creation rules might effectively grant a certain level of signing authority to managers having a given job level, and you might want not to grant that authority to a certain manager, in spite of their having the requisite job level.The person selling a property decides if it’s their main home. If you need help figuring out if an exclusion to the bright-line rule applies to you, talk to your tax advisor. In other words, the principal settlor is the person who has made the biggest financial contribution to the trust. You’ll generally include the amount of property income you’ve earned in the “other income” box on your return. It’s unlikely, but some people may knowingly provide false or misleading tax information to us. If convicted, it can mean a substantial fine or jail time. For more information about property and tax, check out our web pages on residential property and tax.You’ll also complete an IR833 Property Sale Information form and submit this along with your income tax return. If you’d like advice about tax and your property income, please talk with your tax advisor.You’d have to pay tax on any profit you make from the sale of a third property in two years because you would not be eligible for the main home exclusion. If you live in more than one house, your main home is the one that you have the greatest connection to. Am I eligible for the main home exclusion if I sell it? However, if you go on to sell this property within the bright-line period for this property, the relevant bright-line rule will apply. How and when do I pay the tax I owe on income I’ve made from a property sale?

However, it must have exactly one list-modification condition (see Conditions for an explanation of condition types).

Talk with your tax advisor if you need more information about this. What if I sell my property after the relevant bright-line period has ended for me? If you sell a property outside of the relevant bright-line period for you, the bright-line rule will not apply to your property sale. The intention test says you must pay tax on property profits if you originally bought a property with the intention to resell it. If you owe income tax on another residential property sale in the future, you can subtract these “ring-fenced” property losses from the income you earned on this later sale. How will earning extra income, for example from property, impact these? If you’re a New Zealand tax resident who earned income selling a property in another country, you may need to pay tax there.

If your income changes at all during the year, it could impact how much: Let us know whenever your income changes to make sure you pay or receive the right amount and avoid getting into debt. You’ll also include it on your New Zealand income tax return and pay any tax. Does residential land withholding tax apply to my property sale?

To do this, you tell AME to extend the chain of authority past the manager by using the nonfinal-authority approval type in conjunction with the job level action types only.

In the latter case, just the opposite is true: the list-creation rules require approvals beyond a given job level, but you nevertheless want to grant a certain manager at that job level signing authority.

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