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in the final season as the lawyer who romanced Isabel.The two only know one another for four months before they decide to get married, but Jesse doesn’t even know that Isabel’s part alien until long after the fact.The CW will be premiering the reboot of 'Roswell, New Mexico' on January Here's everything fans need to know about the show, it's cast.

For the entire run of the show, Katherine Heigl starred as Isabel Evans, one of the alien-human hybrids who came from a royal line on her home planet.Six years prior, she released an album called The Sicks, and any day now, her third recording will be released.It might have been set back minorly based on her pregnancy — this year, she welcomed a baby boy named Louis Augustus.To help, Katims assembled an almost completely new writing staff.The new writers believed it would ramp up the stakes for the personal relationships, too.

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