Rielle hunter john edwards dating

She ultimately separated Edwards before she died, though not immediately — she stood by him after he admitted the affair, but when he confessed to fathering the child, she started divorce proceedings. With his political career already in shambles, and considered a pop-cultural punchline and a cruel pariah for cheating on his gravely ill wife, Edwards then faced down criminal allegations that he misused campaign funds to try to cover up the affair with Hunter.

As the Los Angeles Times detailed at the time, attorney Allison Van Laningham defended Edwards in court as having "committed sins but no crimes," arguing that it was "humiliation he was trying to avoid all along." He was ultimately cleared on one count, received a mistrial on the other five, and was home free when federal prosecutors dropped the case weeks later. According to The Washington Post's Michael Leahy back in 2012, months prior to Edwards' acquittal, his life was pretty normal, if plagued by a lot of stress — amid spending time with his children, and residing at the estate that he'd left behind when Elizabeth filed for divorce in 2010, he also suffered a heart scare that momentarily delayed his legal proceedings.There are so many names and faces in American politics, and sometimes one will explode into relevance one day, and blow up in scandal the next, careers made and destroyed in relatively short order.And that's a description that fits a certain former senator from North Carolina pretty well — whatever happened to John Edwards?And if a guy values his marriage, and his wife's trust, then--in approximately 999 cases out of 1000--he's not going to cheat on the mother of his children, certainly not with the first (or, who knows, maybe the 10th) dopey bimbo who comes down the pike.(Not that I'm a huge fan of Elizabeth Edwards either.

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