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There are millions of local adult personal ads listed all over the Internet and it has changed the way we connect with people today.

Meeting people online using a dating site has become the norm in our society.

You’ll see that we stopped at nothing creating this site.

We’ve spent thousands of dollars on not only online memberships, but also the dates that ensued.

We are nearing 100,000 readers and have big plans to make this site even more special.

This once desolate website started one day as we told each other stories that were created during our 90 day quest.

Of course, we aren’t as savage as we were back then (well Tom is, but that’s his last name, so he may as well represent it well) and we’ve evolved into more of gentlemen over the years, but that sure doesn’t stop us from talking about sex positions, foods that make her horny, and of course, our lighter side comes out once in a while with stuff like “what to text her after you fight.” At the end of the day, we’re humans, and we’ve been serial daters for quite some time.

If you spoke with your bros about this, they’d tell you to step back into reality and return from never-never land.We had a contest to see who could score the most dates, hook ups, and romances over the course of the next 90 days.Our adult personal ads were all setup and it soon became a friendly game to see how many local girls we could essentially add as a notch on our belts.It’s a constant work in progress, so be sure to bookmark it.You have plenty of options if you want to have an NSA relationship with someone.

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