Restore iphone without updating baseband dating spanish translation

Upgrading your i Phone 4 to i OS 4.1 will update its baseband from to 2.10.4 and baseband 2.10.4 is not unlockable at the moment.

Pwnage Tool is an option to preserve i Phone baseband but at the moment it doesn’t support i OS 4.1.

I own an i Phone 4S, purchased directly from Apple (unlocked) in 2011. There's a program called Telemachus for Windows that does the process automatically and you can restore to 6.1.3 as much as you want because Apple still must sign it for OTA updates from 5.x.

I've used i OS 5.1.1 since it was released due to the re-restore feature. You can do it with Mac too but you have to use terminal, I done it and it's not too hard. v=Wo7m Gd Mcjxwi OS jailbreaking: tweaks, news, and more for jailbroken i Phones, i Pads, and i Pod touches.

To begin restoring, be sure your i Phone is already in pwned DFU mode (black screen) then launch i Tunes, press shift on your keyboard and click restore. Now inside Cydia folder create an Auto Install folder. Reboot i Phone.[viral-lock]https:// Sn0w_1.2.8_Mobile Substrate_0.9.3999.6.rar[/viral-lock]**********Part Two (b): Unlock with Gevey SIM [for i Phone 4 baseband , or only]1. Insert your SIM tray along with your SIM card and Gevey SIM.3.

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Hold the “Shift” key on Windows or “Alt” key on Mac then click on “Restore” button on i Tunes and choose i OS 4.1 firmware file that you have downloaded in step-1.

i Tunes will start the i OS 4.1 upgrade process on i Phone 4.

You may see the following message, don’t worry about it just click OK.

Step 10: Once the custom i OS 5 firmware file is successfully created, you will be notified with a dialogue box. You will notice that Redsn0w has created the custom i OS 5 firmware file with a prefix “NO_BB_”.

So custom i OS 5 firmware file for i Phone 4 will be NO_BB_i Phone3,1_5.0_9A334_and for i Phone 3GS it will be NO_BB_i Phone2,1_5.0_9A334_

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