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One of those findings was that the heterosexual single mother of school age children often dates prospective partners for all the wrong reasons and thus can face a very high failure rate in terms of finding a successful mate.Pearson then goes on to indicate that the failure is very often by design, even though it may often be a subconscious choice for the woman.thesis examined the fact that it may not be the single woman at fault, she may in fact be last attractive to new mate, but after research with question-and-answer panels with the new potential mates, it became clear that the issue wasn’t how they felt about the single woman, it was in fact her lack of emotional and physical availability being the biggest hurdle.Pearson went on to ask, why does a single woman with school-age children actually require a partner?In fact, men still needed women for love and companionship, despite having already their children and the external factors being removed.Many in the scientific community put this down to a nurture motivator, that is strong in women, stronger that is than the partner motivator. Men need a partner more than they need children, not that anyone is asking them to decide between the two.This is the very worst time for a single mother to attempt to date prospective partners.

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Although some of Pearson’s findings can appear a little dated now that we are in the 21st century, some of his sociological reasonings may still ring true.He determined that this section of the societal demographic dated single men primarily for insurance against being alone long-term.The subjects may have subconsciously realized that even they didn’t need a man now, but soon, when their children would leave the home to go to college or have their own lives outside the home, the women would in fact be single and alone.The empty nest syndrome for the single parent is even more alarming than it is for a nuclear family.It is that situation that the single mother is looking to avoid, whether she consciously admits to it or not.

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