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Current Culture)SHASHANK BHIDECAPGEMINI INDIA"THE ROAD TO SUCCESS IS ALWAYS UNDER CONSTRUCTION MARK MY RESPONSE AS ANSWER TO HELP ME BUILD IT :)" Try this Date Time dt = Date Time. Thankyou With Format Date Timeyou have a limited range of formatting options see Format Date Time(ds Edit. In my database i can see that the date has gone from 01/10/2005 to 10...

Field Value("BDate Start", Container),2) which is currently displaying the date as MM/DD/YYYY when I need YYYY/MM/DD to suit my database (My SQL) How can I go about formatting the date to suit my needs? How To Convert dd/mm/yyyy date into mm/dd/yyyy format Hi My Application recieves date in dd/mm/yyyy format. In Grid View, In data Grid, In combo, In text Box will it be possible? Format("", Now)it will return string like "2007-05-01 " set format as per your need. yyyy/MM/dd The Code is-protected void btn Save_Click(object sender, Event Args e) {Data Set ds = new Data Set(); Sql Data Adapter adp = new Sql Data Adapter("select max(Int_Member Ship No) as mem_no from M_CA", con); adp. (in debug mode i can see that the date that is passed to the Sql Data Source is still in the correct format).

Here is an example where we require a 4 digit number - nothing else is acceptable: The only new attribute we use, is the validationexpression.

This attribute simply holds the Regular Expression which should be used to validate the field.

Posted Date = "31/01/2007" i want to use a condition, if the date format is in UK then change it to "01/31/2007" before i pass it to database via storted proc.

Field Value("BDate Start", Container),2)to ds Edit. How to convert the date from UK format dd/mm/yyyy to mm/dd/yyyy before sending it to database I am having a problem with the dates. if the date format is like mm/dd/yyyy then i don't have no problem passing it to stored proc to update or insert, but if i pass the date in UK format dd/mm/yyyy i am getting the following error: (String not recognized as date and time) I am getting the following: txt Need Date.

I am using the following code,it is doing the work i need but is displaing the date in mm/dd/yyyy format which i need to be displayed in dd/mm/yyyy. And when i do so, it keep saying "Cast from string "30/01/2001" to type 'Date' is not valid." when i try to insert it using a function like: Line 488: If button Save Item. Workaround for non working Mark as answer buttons....

dim strsql1 as string="insert into entrydet values (" & lastid & ", #" & dt & "#, #" & tm & "#, '" & fname & "','" & lname & "','" & vill & "','" & po & "','" & pur & "')" '[where dt represents the date variable in "dd/mm/yyyy" format]objcmd1=new oledbcommand(strs...changing date format to dd/mm/yyyy for range validator I am having a textbox an a calender , i want my client to select date from the calender and date should be in dd/mm/yyyy whereas date should be of tommorow and less than 3 days. But problem is now i have to insert this date into the db.

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Now have a look in the Properties tab of Visual Studio.

To String("mm/dd/yyyy") will give you date in mm/dd/yyyy format. so that i can select a range of date (after clicking on button javascipt calendar will be executed) and date will appear in the format dd/mm/yyyy-dd/mm/yyyy in listbox (like without cliking for Start Date and End Date Separately) Swati Jain Check this: Range NC... The trouble is somewhere in the process I get ‘01/04/2006’ turned into ‘04/01/2006’ I do understand mm/dd/yyyy is the US date format.

To String("mm/dd/yyyy")Otherwise, Dim tmp Date As New Date Timetmp Date. To String("MM/dd/yyyy"); Vince Xu Microsoft Online Community Support Please remember to mark the replies as answers if they help and unmark them if they provide no help. Daterange Picker Calendar control Without clicking Start Date and End Date Separately ( dd/mm/yyyy-dd/mm/yyyy format Hello all, Plz Suggest me the Daterange Picker Calendar control . I pass a date as a string in the query and compare it to a date in a table.

Best,- Jerome____________________________________________________________This posting is provided "AS IS" with no warranties, and confers no rights. So far, my only success has come if I set the Mask Type=None and use my own javascript code to validate the date value... Should I just use my own solution or does someone know how to make the components in the toolkit work? NET 2.0 under VS2005 and the associated AJAX control toolkit. now i'm using the dd/MM/yyyy format for the date entry and i need to Validate end date like end date must me greater than or equal to start date.

otherwise, you can use format function when you save and display your dates in the formats you need, by specifying them as apr your requirement. You can apply the pattern you want directly in Date Time. It's gets even worse if I try to use the validator extender for masked edits. To Short Date String(); do you mean Ajax Calendar Extender ? How to use compare validator with dd/MM/yyyy format of date Hi all, I have a form of leave application that has 2 dates, start date and end date.

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