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According to a new study, the answer, in a word (or three): Not a lot. To back up for a moment, I always figured it was those most committed to find love who pay — the people who pay extra to hit the "promote me" button and get pushed to the top of the pile on everyone's feed for 10 minutes on Ok Cupid, the people who use the "passport" feature on Tinder to expand their search for romance to other cities and countries.

Turns out this may be true in some instances, but of those who pay for dating sites, some hype the upgrades with zeal and zest.

It is going to lead to a lovely relationship, possibly marriage.

Through this site, so many thanks to the team, a well organised and safe site for people like me looking for a serious relationship.

Half the time, I forget that I even pay for it." Well, there you have it.Users spend their in app purchases on a few things: to unlock profiles, as well as to send virtual gifts to other popular users on Paktor.Other than the spendings, Joseph also shared that the number of gifts sent per guy in Singapore rose 4 times on Valentine’s Day, and usage of the words “when” and “what time” increased by 60% on the day before Valentine’s Day, indicating that guys are more active in asking girls out on dates.On average too, Paktor is doing about 1 million matches a month in Singapore.While we pointed out that the number is actually a significant number, considering that Singapore has a population of 5.5 million people only, in comparison to other countries, Joseph shared that 1 million matches is still a fraction of the 15 million monthly matches across the whole app.

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